Euro Steel Buildings

a leading supplier of commercial, industrial, agricultural, domestic and equestrian buildings up to 22m clear span.
This makes large savings which we pass on to our customer base, who are our biggest asset in recommending our products to friends and colleagues.
All our buildings are fully engineered to accommodate wind speed, snow loads and other factors dependent on the building location and local planning requirements. We offer a wide range of cold rolled galvanized steel portal frame buildings using high grade tensile steel for strength, low maintenance and long life.
Our products are sold throughout the UK.  Having our own erection team allows us to offer our customers the most competitive prices.
Choosing a supplier with proven results maximizes your confidence and you will benefit from our vast experience. We can supply a steel framed building that will suit your exact needs. It is usually only the top manufacturers that can afford the investment in truly innovative technology so it tends to be them that offer the latest in steel development. The other brands on the market tend to follow on with technology a couple of years behind. This is not to say that these products are no good. Simply that the latest models of the top brands offer the latest improvements in steel technology and performance.

We are a leading supplier of GalvanisedĀ Steel, Portal Framed buildings for clients throughout the UK.

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